Long Term Conditions Reviews

Long Term Conditions - Annual Reviews

We continue to develop our services to ensure you can look after your long term health in the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

We encourage you to arrange a yearly review around the date of your birthday. This makes it easier to remember. Please also start a review if you have not had a review in the last 12 months.

The best way to start this review is by using the Medlink service. This allows you to complete some of the information about your health we need from the comfort of your home and in your own time.  We will then arrange any further appointments or tests required.

To get started, simply click on the links relevant to you:

One or more of – Asthma, COPD (also known as emphysema or chronic bronchitis), Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Epilepsy or Coronary Heart Disease (eg angina or previous heart attack) or type into browser: keppoch.yourgp.co/Review

Heart Failure or type into browser: keppoch.yourgp.co/HF

Stroke/TIA or “mini stroke” or type into browser: keppoch.yourgp.co/CVD

Peripheral Arterial or Vascular Disease (e.g. circulation problems in legs) or type into browser: keppoch.yourgp.co/PAD

Long term mental health or type into browser: keppoch.yourgp.co/Health

Learning Disabilities or type into browser: keppoch.yourgp.co/LD

We will also send a text message and/or letter reminder in your birthday month.

If you feel unable to complete the online forms please contact the practice on 0141 800 0840 to arrange for your annual health check.

For further information please see our website and the Medlink Solutions webpage https://medlinksolutions.co.uk/testimonials/

If you would like to see how this service works you can try this template to update contact details: Keppoch.yourGP.co/Contact

Online support for long term conditions: 

Diabetes: My Diabetes My Way

COPD: NHS Scotland COPD Support Service

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